About us

How was this Website started?

This Website was created by a 10 year old child, Tabish in 2023. His mother's credit card data was compromised while she was shopping on a famous US website to buy books during Christmas. He and his tween friends were regular online gamers and this was an eye opener for Tabish, since he did not want himself or any of his friends to become targets of cyber criminals. Cyber Crime has been on the rise since Covid-19. He thought it was very important for him to raise awareness about Cyber Crime amongst children his age.

The journey started by Tabish researching a lot about Cyber Crime, types of cyber crime where children are made target and how to prevent them.

Why was this Website created?

This Website was started to create awareness amongst children about how their devices can be compromised or attacked by Cyber Criminals.

Who started this Website

Tabish Aggarwal, who is a student at a British School in Dubai, created this website in 2023.

What is the background of the creater of this Website?

Tabish has an inquisitive nature and a keen interest in coding. He is also moved by the rising rate of cyber crimes across the world and wishes to contribute towards its prevention.